Akshan League of Legends: 5 Best Support

People who play Akshan  League of Legends, get ready! Akshan has come on the scene with a grappling hook that is getting a lot of attention. This cool skill not only lets him fly around the fight quickly, but it also gives him a lot of power, making him a big threat. But because Akshan is soft, he is susceptible, so picking the right support is very important. Now, let’s look at the five best backups for Akshan that will help him play even better.

Akshan League of Legends: Leona: The Starter

Leona is great as an active support who is ready to jump into fights and start them. She is strong and good at controlling crowds, which makes her a great match for Akshan. With Leona by his side, Akshan can use her start to quickly kill enemies and reset his grappling hook to make it easier for him to move around.

Akshan League of Legends: Zilean: The Master of Time

Zilean’s ability to change time makes him a great choice to help Akshan. Along with Akshan’s ability to bring dead friends back to life, his ultimate can do the same. Zilean can also speed up Akshan’s movements, which helps him move quickly around the battlefield. Together, they make a powerful pair that is hard to catch.

Akshan League of Legends: Soraka: The Hand That Heals

Because Akshan is so soft, he needs a backup with strong healing skills, and Soraka is just the right person for the job. Her powerful heals can keep Akshan alive during fierce battles, letting him stay on the attack. Akshan’s gameplay is more stable when Soraka is around, which makes them a dangerous pair.

Xerath: The Artillery with a Long Range

Xerath is a great choice for people who like to plan their moves. His long-range skills do great poke damage, making enemies easier for Akshan to kill. Xerath’s ability to control the fight from afar works well with Akshan’s style of play, making a deadly duo that keeps enemies at bay.

Braum: The Strong Protector

Because Braum is good at defence, he is a good choice to keep Akshan safe. Akshan’s shields and crowd control skills can push enemies away, giving him the safety he needs to do well. Akshan can use Braum as a partner in both attacking and defensive situations because he has strong defences and can take damage.

Last Thoughts: Watching over the Glass Cannon

As a League of Legends character, Akshan stands out like a glass cannon—he does a lot of damage but can also break easily. Getting the right help is important for him to reach his full potential. Each support has their own special skill, like Leona’s anger, Zilean’s ability to change time, Soraka’s healing touch, Xerath’s long-range power, or Braum’s strong defence.

Remember that in the summoner’s split, you need to AGENGACOR and work together to make things happen. So, put together your team carefully, keep Akshan safe, and cause chaos for your enemies!

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