Daniel Ricciardo

In the realm of Formula 1, the leading contenders for the role of Sergio Perez’s replacement at Red Bull Racing for the 2024 season have come into focus, and Daniel Ricciardo is at the forefront.

Contractual Situation

Firstly, it’s important to note that Sergio Perez is currently under contract with Red Bull Racing until the conclusion of the F1 2024 season. In the present season, Perez has achieved two notable victories for his team and occupies the second position in the provisional F1 2023 standings with a respectable tally of 223 points.

Dissatisfaction with Perez’s Performance

Nevertheless, reports indicate that Red Bull Racing is harboring some degree of dissatisfaction with Sergio Perez’s performance in the 2023 season. Despite piloting the identical RB19 car as his teammate Max Verstappen, who has impressively accumulated 400 points, Perez has struggled to amass even half of that total. Both Verstappen and Perez navigate the RB19, renowned as the swiftest ground-based vehicle in F1 during 2023.

Potential Early Departure for Perez

Due to these performance concerns, Red Bull Racing is rumored to be contemplating an early departure for Sergio Perez in the upcoming F1 2024 season. It is suggested that the team, led by Christian Horner, is exploring the option of bringing back Daniel Ricciardo to assume Perez’s role.

Interest in Daniel Ricciardo

Lawrence Barretto, a reporter for F1.com, reported, “Sergio Perez is under pressure at Red Bull after scoring just over half the points of his teammate Max Verstappen, the Mexican driver trailing by 177 points despite having the best car on the track.” Barretto’s sources have indicated that if the need arises in mid or late 2024, Red Bull Racing’s preferred choice to replace Perez would be none other than Daniel Ricciardo.

Ricciardo’s Recent Roles

Daniel Ricciardo commenced the current season as a reserve driver at Red Bull Racing. This was a result of not having his contract renewed by McLaren at the conclusion of the previous season. However, midway through the current season, Ricciardo received an assignment to replace Nyck De Vries, whose performance at AlphaTauri, Red Bull’s satellite team, had been less than stellar.

A Potential Reunion

Should these reports materialize, Red Bull Racing would be orchestrating a reunion with the Australian driver, this time entrusting him with the role of their primary driver. The separation between Ricciardo and Red Bull Racing occurred at the close of the 2018 season when Ricciardo, feeling overshadowed by Verstappen, was rumored to have departed to join Renault.

In Conclusion

The situation regarding Sergio Perez’s future with Red Bull Racing appears uncertain, with strong indications that Daniel Ricciardo is the leading candidate to replace him for the 2024 F1 season. A potential reunion between Ricciardo and Red Bull would undoubtedly generate substantial interest and intrigue within the Formula 1 community.


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